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  • “After my first treatment my cravings were gone!”

    On my first visit, I arrived with a skeptical outlook, but after the first treatment, the cravings were gone and I lost all desire for a cigarette!!! Being a strong willed, single parent, smoking was a way to break from everything…for 20+ years. The behavior modification exercises Leslie gave me helped a great deal and prepared me mentally to be a non-smoker. The treatment took away the cravings for this drug. I have found myself in quite a few stressful situations, but the thought of a cigarette has not even entered my mind

    Rhonda Heard

  • “Every person I have referred is now smoke free!”

    I was skeptical about this program, unhappy about the cost of cigarettes and anxious all at the same time. I tried every program available before finding this one. Leslie works with your overall health, mind and body. I have seen a 100% success rate. Every person I have referred is now smoke free! Don’t waste another dime. Be fee of the carcinogens and poisons of smoking.

    Justin Verlinger

  • “I have found energy and feel alive again!”

    I suffered from COPD since 2006.  My chest used to hurt with severe pain.  Simple chores and even taking a shower caused great pain.  After taking a shower, I had to sit down and head straight for my oxygen mask so I could breathe. With The STOP Clinic’s rapid detox program, the chest pain left 3 days after my first treatment.  The “elephant” that used to “sit on my chest” is Gone! I also changed my bad eating habits to good food.  Now, I have new found energy and feel alive again!

    Betty Brown