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Stop smoking easily after one treatment, begin losing weight, gain more energy and reverse multiple illnesses that may be accruing inside your body.  Our rapid detox treatment began in 1950 to treat people for heroin and cocaine addiction … a powerful, yet gentle treatment.

Most people who smoke have poor eating habits which is a definite formula for rapid weight gain when they quit  smoking.  We give you tools to correct poor eating habits and avoid weight gain.  Overweight clients are happy to see weight loss in the first week after stopping smoking.

At the Stop Clinic, we give you tools to make your transition easier in addition to sharing the techniques to avoid going back to smoking – we help you quit smoking and remain a nonsmoker. Many of our Raleigh clients have a fear of weight gain with quitting smoking because this is a common problem. They are comforted and relieved when they return for their second visit and realize they have dropped 1 to 6 pounds, rather than gained weight.

Our main objective is to help you reach your health goals and remain successful.  Naturally, there will be questions about how that will work. Visit our Stop Smoking and Weight Loss pages of our website to learn more. Please read testimonials from our former clients who are excited about all they have accomplished.

Stop smoking after One treatment.

Begin losing weight immediately.

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Stop Smoking with the Stop Clinic

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Lose Weight with the Stop Clinic