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Erectile Dysfunction, Inflammation and Heart Disease

Erectile Dysfunction (ED) strikes men of all ages.  What is the relationship between erectile dysfunction, inflammation and heart disease?  Is erectile dysfunction a condition of old age or poor diet ?  We have seen men as young as 35 years of age struggle with erectile dysfunction (ED).  They often cannot

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Linda Canipe is Smoke Free and Cancer Free

Hi Leslie! I am still smoke free & cancer free after two bouts of breast cancer in the past few years. As you know, I was diagnosed with breast cancer (the first time in 2015) when I entered your program. I am so very grateful for you and your program

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Diane Boyd lost weight in Raleigh, NC

Diane Boyd lowered her A1C in less than 10 days!

In 2019, before the Corona Virus hit, my A1C was 6.0.  I had lost weight the previous year and I was pleased with my accomplishments.  Four weeks into the Corona pandemic, my sugar addiction went out of control.  I was consuming a lot more sugar, carbs and dairy food that are

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Corona Virus Prevention

The Corona Virus Prevention Protocol could be as simple as increasing your minerals and vitamins.  Do not panic!  We ALL need to concentrate on Health and Healing INSTEAD of Fear!  Learn how to make your immune system strong to avoid illness. Silver lining:  The Corona Virus could be a “wake

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Favorite Recipes

Superfood Smoothie with Greens This Superfood Smoothie with greens allows me to maximize the number of “raw” servings I consume per day. The “aliveness” of the food gives me energy! Add Green Veggies to fill half the blender (my Ninja is very large): (examples) Spinach Romaine Lettuce Swiss Chard Kale

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