With The Law of Attraction, learn how to release negative energy that leads to illness and disease.  Positive thoughts become things. Learn to reach life goals, easily.

Tonight, I saw a great movie, “The Green Lantern”. Although, it is based on a comic book series, the theme of the movie packs a powerful punch!

Two main themes of the movie stood out to me:

Fear is the substance that holds us back from achieving our accomplishments.

The Human Will is the strongest emotion on Earth !

If you have ever studied the Law of Attraction,  you are one of the positive and powerful people on Earth that realizes your thoughts become actions and your actions become accomplishments.

Many people are unhappy in our world today because of their negative thoughts and feelings of doubt, doom and fear. We can learn to change our negative thoughts into positive thoughts. Once we learn and practice this technique, miraculous situations begin appearing into our lives. Positive situations begin happening to us as though our lives become magical.

While a girlfriend and I were standing in line to get movie tickets tonight, I was reminded of how the Universe protects us (positive minded people know this).    She had free passes, but when we tried to see “The Green Lantern”, the attendant said, “No, your free pass is only good for the movie, “Super 8.”   I said to my friend, “Let’s just purchase tickets for “The Green Lantern”, but she wanted to use her free passes 🙂  A couple walked up behind us, heard our conversation and offered to buy our free passes to see “Super 8” ! What a pleasant surprise !!

When  your positive energy is flowing with the Universe, these type of pleasant surprises happen on a regular basis … How sweet is that ?

There are 2 inspirational (free) websites that send me positive thoughts each morning. You may enjoy them, too.

1) Neale Donald Walsch http: today@nealedonaldwalsch.com
Walsch is the author of “A course in Miracles” and the movie, “Conversations with God”.

2) TUT.com
Totally unique thoughts … all thoughts become things; choose the good ones !

Over the past 2 years, I have realized the importance of teaching people how to change their negative thoughts, in order to help them reach some challenging goals, especially in human relationships.

Do you have “pent up” anger for someone from the past?  Did you realize this anger inside of you can not only cause health problems but can also block your true energy from achieving goals and things you desire in your life?

In the year of 2002, I met a lady named Connie Domino who taught me the principles of The Law of Attraction.  She taught me how to release the fears and anxieties in my life.  She taught me how to manifest things I desire to come into my life.  A major part of releasing negative energy is to Forgive those who have hurt us.  Harboring anger, depression, sadness, fear causes the negative energy to linger inside of us, which causes toxicity, illness and disease.

In Connie Domino’s book, “Develop Irresistible Attraction”, there is a powerful prayer Connie designed to help us release this negative energy.  Within 2 weeks of praying this prayer, you can actually feel the energy shift!    Forgiving another person for a wrong doing does not mean that we condone their activity, it means that we are willing to release the negative energy we have toward them.

I forgive you completely and freely.

I release you and let you go.

So, as far as I am concerned,

The incident that happened between us

Is finished Forever.

I wish the best for you

I wish for you your Highest Good

and I hold you in the Light.

I am free and you are free

and all again is well between Us.

Peace Be With You!

Pray this prayer, first thing upon rising and last thing before you sleep at night.  Feel the energy shift.  Write to me and tell me of your awesome experience!   Peace be with you!

I challenge you to work on your thoughts, too !

Warm wishes,

Leslie Lyon



Greetings from Neale Donald Walsch:

On this day of your life, dear friend, I believe God wants you to know…

…that the election is over, the votes have been counted,

and you win.

It was not even a close race, because all the votes in

Heaven are for you. Nobody can defeat you, and

nobody ever could. In this campaign, you were

declared the winner long ago.

So… you can stop running now. Relax. Breathe. It’s a

landslide. You’re in.

The only thing left now is for you to know it. Do you?

If you do, you will experience it.

Love, Your Friend….
Neale Donald Walsch