My daughter went from being a successful college student, active in church choir and in her community, who was completely drug and alcohol free to being addicted to Oxycontin due to a car accident and an ER doctor’s first prescription.  This situation led her down a path which can only be described as a living nightmare for all of us.

My child looked like the walking dead and each prayer was that she would live another day. The drugs took her appetite causing her to be so tiny she had to wear clothes made for children. At her worst, she reached a $300 a day habit she supported in ways I cannot share.

She tried many times to quit, several different treatments for 3 years, only for the horrors of excruciating withdrawal pains and shame to send her back into the downward spiral. Leslie treated her body and soul.

Leslie treated my daughter with the respect and dignity she needed and deserved. With weekly treatments, her withdrawal discomfort was minimal and tolerable compared to what she had suffered before, leaving her better capable to deal with the emotional pain.

The withdrawal lasted a short period of time and there were shocking improvements everyday and miraculous improvement with every treatment. Leslie was spot on with every step she would deal with. After the first treatment I saw life in my daughter again. By the (5th) final treatment she was looking healthy, needing new clothes and enjoying life again!

Within 8 weeks she was looking for a job. I am proud to say my daughter has been clean for over a year now and is healthy and back on the road to success! I truly believe from the bottom of my heart, as does my daughter, Leslie very literally saved her life.

Fayetteville, North Carolina