My name is Dee Nott, own my own internet marketing business in Hope Mills, North Carolina.

I was a closet smoker for almost 20 years getting up to smoking a pack a day. If you are a closet smoker you know that trying to closet smoke a pack a day means you are choosing to hide away from other people for fear that they will discover your horrible secret.

I didn’t decide to quit just because of the health reasons, my reasons had more to do with getting caught! I needed to get out in front of more people one on one to grow my business and my fear of them finding out I was a smoker was actually stopping me from going out!

I’ve quit “cold turkey” too many times to count….I did not want to drag the process out by using expensive and dangerous drugs. A friend told me about a laser treatment he had done years back and how (after smoking 2 packs a day for 20 some odd years) he walked away a non smoker and 5 years later he was telling me about it.

Then I found The STOP Clinic in Cary NC. After talking to Leslie Lyon over the phone, I liked that she treated the mental as well as the physical side of the addiction. She also offered a Group Session that I was very excited about. I packed up a few friends and headed up to our first treatment!

I was done after one treatment. We learned a lot from Leslie and she was there for each of us. Three months later, I don’t crave cigarettes, any passing thoughts are just that…passing. I do not feel the need to smoke anymore. I am a Non Smoker!

My best advice is this…don’t drag out the process
Call The STOP Clinic and get this over in One Day!

Dee Nott
Hope Mills, NC