I found out that I had kidney failure on Feb 25, 2011. Was in the hospital for a week. As soon as I got out I started dialysis. Three times a week for 4 hours/treatment. What a drag that was.

I got hooked up with probably the best transplant surgeon in the nation. My transplant coordinator said that I had to quit smoking three months before I could be considered for a transplant. I had smoked for 55 years at 2 packs/day. I loved it. Did not want to quit, but knew I had to.

Learned of the Stop Clinic from my wife’s cousin who along with her sister were multiple pack/day smokers. They both had success at the clinic over 10 years ago!

As a matter of fact my mother-in-law sent me a brochure and a check to go to the clinic 10 years ago. I think I still have her check in my desk. Anyhow, my wife called her cousin and got Leslie’s contact information.

I contacted her and got set-up for 10/4 – 10/6/2010. Had to go to dialysis in Durham on Mon 10/4 in the AM and drove to see Leslie that afternoon. Smoked my last cigarette as I exited my car to go to Leslie’s office.

Haven’t smoked since. I call it a miracle. Had my transplant on 02/21/11 and I feel great. Sent 3 friends from my golf club from Maryland to the clinic and they had great success also. Highly recommend The STOP Clinic.

Jon Hannam
Rockville, Maryland