After smoking for 48 years, I found The STOP Clinic.

I was having sharp shoulder pain and sciatic pain in my back and leg. For the previous 2 years, I had chiropractic help on a weekly basis. I hurt so bad, I could not lay on my back.

Since I was a “die hard” and addicted smoker”, I chose the combination, smoking and food programs. I knew I needed some serious help.

When I signed up, I did not realize the treatments would help with my chronic pain. Leslie mentioned that my pain might go away, but she did not promise.

During the treatments, I could feel the pain leaving my body.

Every night before bed, I would worry and wonder when the sharp pain would wake me up. Each morning, I woke up and thought, “When is it going to start hurting again?” The pain never came back.

After my second treatment the pain was completely gone and I felt like I could “run a marathon”.

I had no nicotine cravings after the first time I left your office. This “blows me away.” There may be a thought … but there was NO craving.

I feel this was a miracle that I found you. I feel as though I have never smoked and I can’t believe my chronic pain is gone. I am glad my friends are coming in to work with you, too.

Nancy Neighbors
Garner, NC