I’m from Fayetteville, NC and like others have smoked for 30 plus years. I also am obese with high blood pressure. I have tried to quit smoking by going “cold turkey”, using the patch, using gum. All were useless…

My brother, David, told me about The STOP Clinic and what it had done for him. So I said it was worth a try. After the first visit I have never had the desire to smoke again. I have had to break the habits like always lighting up when I got in the truck or after eating anything, but the desire has not been there since the first treatment.

It has been 5 weeks and I am smoke free and have lost 20 pounds at the same time!

My wife is extremely diabetic and she has started The STOP Clinic’s weight loss program. She has been so successful that her doctor reduced her insulin that she is taking every day.

My advice for anyone wanting to get control of their life is to try The STOP Clinic. Leslie will help you get control of your life instead of other things controlling you.

Tony Avrette
Fayetteville, NC