It was almost seven years ago that I had my last “KOOL FILTER KING” after seeing Leslie Lyon at The STOP Clinic. I went from over two packs a day to zero after my first visit.

I had sudden, instantaneous thoughts about lighting up for a while, but the thoughts became weaker and further apart until they were completely gone and I had no more desire to smoke. My nicotine addiction was gone!!

The benefits of being smoke-free are countless… It’s easier to pray, so I can have a better relationship with God; my home smells better; my clothes smell better; I feel better… and the list goes on and on.

I thank God for Leslie Lyon and I thank her for having presented herself to such a worthy cause and for helping me to overcome an enormous obstacle in my life.

Now my grandchildren will not grow up watching Papa smoke.

Harold L. Yon
Raleigh, North Carolina