I find it hard to know where to begin in this testimonial.  This program has given me so much to be thankful for.

I smoked for 20+ years. Being a strong-willed single parentsmoking was a way to take a break from everything. My biggest motivation to stop smoking was actually the expense of smoking a pack a day.

On my first visit, I arrived with a skeptical outlook. Simply put, after the very first treatment, the cravings were gone and I lost all desire for a cigarette!!!

I think the key to my success was following Leslie’s advice (as described in the detailed behavior modification exercises she presents prior to attending the program). Being an athletic person all my life, I chose to replace my smoking habit with a habit that gave me the same kind of rush … I chose exercise. I started with walking, then joined the local YMCA and have been going to classes ever since. I needed this type of exercise as a stress reliever.

I have found myself in quite a few stressful situations, but the thought of a cigarette didn’t even enter my mind. It has been almost four months now and I have stopped counting how long it has been since I had a cigarette. One day I just decided to stop counting because I realized that I am now a nonsmoker.

Now, I see people who smoke and I marvel how it feels to look at them and realize that smoking was during a different phase of my life. It truly is weird, but a really, really good weird. It’s like looking back on my childhood.

This process works!!!! If you want to quit, this is the way to go….worth every penny!!!!

I can’t express my appreciation to Leslie enough for giving me my life back. Thank you Leslie.

Rhonda Heard
Raeford, NC