I have smoked 44 years and never thought I could do it and have tried many times to stop. This program gave me the strength to stay focused and gave me coping skills and ideas of how to deal with the thoughts.

I think this program is worth a million dollars if it can get me to stop. Leslie also helped me work on not gaining weight and so far, have not gained a pound, even after 21 days!

It is so good to have my life back without the constrictions cigarettes had on me. I get more done at work as I don’t have to run outside to smoke, I don’t have to leave the security area at an airport to go out and smoke and possibly miss my flight for a smoke and I smell so good now!

I can’t wait to have my yearly physical and see what difference it has made in my blood work and lung capacity. I highly recommend this program!!

Doreen Hook
Creedmoor, NC