Restless Leg Syndrome disappears with the help of electricity, magnets and a detox diet.

For more than a year, I had legs that ached at night that never hurt during the day.  Some people refer to this as “Restless Leg Syndrome”.  Most nights, I was awakened by the severe pain in my legs.  I could go to sleep, but not for very long.Patricia Tatem, Ph.D. 082015

This went on for more than a year.  I would get up in the middle of the night, walk around to hopefully make the pain stop and often, I could not go back to sleep.  I could hardly wait until morning so the discomfort would stop and I could feel some relief.

One day, I was talking with Leslie and sharing the story of my achy, restless legs.  She told me I might want to try her program for rapid drug detoxification.  By this time, I was willing to try anything to get rid of the discomfort with hopes of getting back to a comfortable and healing sleep.  I was also worried that drastically changing my diet might throw me into a panic or even DTs.

I made the changes she suggested, I had the detox treatment and to my pleasant surprise, the aches and Restless Leg Syndrome had almost completely subsided in less than 2 weeks!  I made the changes easily with no discomfort which I am happy to report!  I continued the detox program for 5 weeks and continued to make the dietary changes that Leslie suggested.

My quality of sleep changed dramatically.  Now, I can sleep deeply through the night and awaken refreshed in the morning without feeling groggy!   After being sleep deprived for so long, my moods had become “testy”.  I was often irritable with a short fuse.  Being sleep deprived made me feel “bothered” by people … a feeling of being interrupted from things I was doing.  You could tell the difference in the tone of my voice.  My ability to handle problems was being affected … my tolerance was low.  Now, I smile more and engage in conversation with people without feeling agitated.  I feel like my former self again before my leg problems started.

The new energy from my new diet combined with such a good, deep and peaceful night’s sleep allows me to resume some physical activities I had stopped.  I can work more hours in the day than I could while sleep deprived.  Now, I don’t know when to stop and tend to do more than I should.  I have to work on that!

Thank you for helping me feel better, Leslie, and thank you for making it seem so easy to gain this new control.

Pat Tatem, Ph.D.

Garner, NC