My wife, Judie, was addicted too, but not as badly as I. She encouraged me, as did my cousin Jo, to partake in The STOP Clinic’s Smoking Treatment Sessions. So Judie and I went to Cary, NC.

I went, but I really did not want to submit even to the possibility of quitting smoking. I reluctantly pacified my wife and met the lady who changed our lives, YES, Leslie Lyon. With her patient help and leading us through the process, Judie and I gave each other a solemn promise to never smoke again.

We followed the procedure that Leslie gave to us. That was in November, 2004. Neither of us have smoked since almost 14 years ago. Never had an inkling to ever start again.

Both Judie and I have personally apologized to all of our family and friends for being so “stinky.” I thank, Jo, my cousin, my wife Judie and most of all, Leslie for standing by us and seeing us through our trials.

Brian Maderos
The Villages, Florida