In 1994, I was diagnosed with diabetes and have been on the insulin pump since 2008.

My energy was low, I was often irritable and sometimes clammy and shakyI used to give myself extra insulin before meals to prevent my blood sugar from “spiking.”

At The STOP Clinic, Leslie taught me how to regulate my diet, foods to eat and foods to avoid. The treatments helped prevent cravings for foods that are harmful to me.

Within less than 3 months of changing my way of eating, I saw amazing results:
Triglycerides 437 to 188
Cholesterol 229 to 208
Blood sugar 10.4 to 6.5
Blood pressure 150/80 to 130/70

My numbers are continuing to improve and my goal is to be completely free from insulin injections and other medications in my future.

Nancy Avrette
Fayetteville, NC