My name is Amanda Verlinger and I’m 32 years old. I decided to go to The STOP Clinic after I came home to NC from WA state for a family visit. While home, my parents suggested the idea as we were talking about a traumatic event I had recently gone through. They believed that my anxiety and depression had reached a level that was concerning. This low point in my life came from having back to back incidences occur over several years, causing me to repress everything until I could no longer do so. The most impactful event was a near-fatal car accident back in 2015.  This is where my anxiety began to spiral to crippling levels. The most recent event was a miscarriage only 2 months before coming to NC.

Though I was skeptical that the program could help me, I knew that Leslie had seen both of my parents in the past and the treatment program worked well for them. I decided to take their advice and Leslie was kind enough to squeeze in a treatment plan during my stay in NC. I instantly felt right at home upon entering the office. Leslie is a lovely woman that genuinely cares and wants to help people. We began with talking about my traumas and getting into my mental state as a result from these things. She really made me feel like she was listening and was confident that these treatments would help. We also spoke about adopting a pure and clean diet, which was something I had already wanted but just had no motivation to actually do.
After some talking, it was time for my first treatment. I was a bit tense when we began.  I was currently going through a bad vertigo episode, occurring off and on for weeks. Leslie made sure that I was comfortable through the whole procedure and by the end of it, my body was completely relaxed. I stood up and did not feel even remotely light-headed or dizzy for the first time in weeks. I felt renewed with energy and a motivation to get my life back to a healthy state. However, the real testament was the car ride home back to Fayetteville (my parents’ home).
For the first time since the car accident in 2015, I was able to ride in a car without feeling even a little panicked or fearful. I was in tears by the time I returned home because I had not felt such a feeling of well-being in so long. All of the current problems I had been stressing over became things I felt like I could handle without having a panic attack. I did not feel the dark cloud of a lingering depression or defeat.
On top of my mental state, physical pains stemming from my accident seemed less intense than they had been in years; the most noticeable being my back pain. I felt almost a sense of urgency about getting healthy again. I was more than ready to get back in the gym and start eating well. That motivation I could not previously find, suddenly came through.
I know that a big part of this treatment program is about what I do for myself now and in the future. I will not lie and say my anxiety and depression are completely gone, but I can honestly say that they have regressed to a level that no longer affects my daily life and thoughts. I feel like they are at the level where I am more in control of them than they are of me.
I cannot thank Leslie Lyon enough for this new, positive sense of self. She helped me get out from under the massive weight that had kept me down for so long. I have already recommended the treatment to several people and hope that anyone reading this will also consider this program.
Amanda Verlinger
Washington State