Prior to meeting Leslie Lyon at The STOP Clinic, I was having a horrible problem with circulation and breathing. One of the first things she said to me was, “You have a little whistle when you exhale.” [smiles] When I tried to walk a block, it would kill my legs. Now, I am walking 2 miles every day!

I hated water and I hated cigarettes even more. Two years ago, I had an Aorta Bypass and stopped smoking, but switched to cigars, instead. Then, I hated the cigar habit, the smell and the way it made me feel.

Because of my cigar habit and my poor eating habits, I decided to sign up for The STOP Clinic’s combination program to work on my nicotine addiction and learn ways to help my body heal … and boy, am I glad I did! After the first treatment, I had not one craving. Yes, I thought about it, but the thought only lasted for about a minute. Leslie gave me tools to get past the thoughts and now 1.5 months later, I rarely think about the cigars and the diet I used to enjoy.

Prior to taking part in The STOP Clinic’s program, I felt like a “cat with 9 lives”. I survived 7 back operations, kidney cancer, bird fungus and an aortic aneurysm and bypass surgery… but I had no energy, whatsoever.

After committing to working with Leslie Lyon and her program, I now feel like a different person … and I started feeling this way about 6 days into the program!   (With the rapid detox treatments, everything happens really fast!)

Now, when I get up in the morning, I feel light on my feet, right away. I used to drag myself out of the bed and fill myself with Excedrin, nicotine and pots of coffee to get through the day.

My back ached all the time from the 7 back surgeries.  For years, I was going to the chiropractor every Monday.  Once I began The STOP Clinic’s program, my back stopped hurting and I no longer have to the the 2-4 Excedrin tablets, daily.  This is a huge accomplishment and I still can hardly believe my back no longer “catches” and hurts.

Before 15 days into my program, I began walking 2 miles every day and alternating water aerobics with upper body weight lifting to supplement the walking regime. Now, I feel like “I have a new lease on life”.  From my new “diet”, I had to do something to burn off all this new energy!

Believe it or not, I even look forward to breakfast, which I used to dismiss because I had my cigars and pots of coffee. Now, I look forward to some delicious food at 7:00 and continue to join my male buddies for breakfast at 8:30 each morning at our local breakfast place.

Leslie taught me how to make better food choices that energize me and give me strength, as well. I feel a sense of ownership and pride at the foods I am preparing in the kitchen. Prior to my program, I never made anything to eat and never tasted spinach or pineapple!  (I love some of Leslie’s recipes!)

I don’t know what Leslie did to me to change the way I look at life and food, but I am glad she did. Everyone compliments me now on my looks and skin color. My male friends are even making fun of me and calling me Glen Lelanne (referring to Jack Lelanne, the juicer man). I feel so much more alive!  I enjoy their comments.  Oh, and I forgot to mention, I am losing weight at an average of 2-3 pounds a week.

Now, I am looking forward to March 20, 2013 when I have my first physical since I have been on The STOP Clinic’s Program.  I can hardly wait to see the results of my blood test and the change in the numbers.  With the way I feel, there has to be a drastic change with the test results from before.  Stay tuned for later reports!

Thank you, Leslie. I am sharing these comments and feelings so other people can know that they can feel better, too.

Glen Gullie
Raleigh, North Carolina