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Kitty’s Covid-19, “Quarantine 15” Weight loss Journey (lost 51 pounds in 15 Weeks)

Kitty Lost 17 pounds in 3 weeks!  She lost 51 pounds in 15 weeks! In July, 2021, Kitty’s husband came to our clinic to stop smoking.  He asked, “Can you help …

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Gerry Bromstead stopped smoking 21 years ago!

No more chewing Nicorette gum, inhaling cigars and three packs of Marlboros per day.  I was truly hooked on tobacco products at a very young age.  I read books, attended …

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C. Paluszkiewicz stopped smoking and shed pounds

I used the Stop Clinic to quit smoking. I had been unsuccessful many times by quitting cold turkey or using hypnosis. Leslie had a no-nonsense, foolproof approach. I quit smoking after just …

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Amanda Verlinger suffered from anxiety, depression, vertigo and chronic pain.

My name is Amanda Verlinger and I’m 32 years old. I decided to go to The STOP Clinic after I came home to NC from WA state for a family …

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Linda Canipe is Smoke Free and Cancer Free

Hi Leslie! I am still smoke free & cancer free after two bouts of breast cancer in the past few years. As you know, I was diagnosed with breast cancer …

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Diane Boyd lost weight in Raleigh, NC
Diane Boyd lowered her A1C in less than 10 days!

In 2019, before the Corona Virus hit, my A1C was 6.0.  I had lost weight the previous year and I was pleased with my accomplishments.  Four weeks into the Corona pandemic, …

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Michele Gurkin changed her diet and her energy skyrocketed!

Just completed five weeks with Leslie at The Stop Clinic. I am more than pleased. I was living overweight and malnourished, resulting in a sluggish lifestyle. After seeing Leslie, following …

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Mary Lou Gooden stopped smoking, reduced diabetic symptoms and had bronchitis once in 17 years! 

Hi Leslie! Several of my relatives went to The STOP Clinic to stop smoking, so 17 years ago, 2002, I went to this clinic and I have not smoked since. Next week, my …

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Dee Nott, of Hope Mills, NC smoked for 20 years and found The STOP Clinic in 2011.

My name is Dee Nott. I’m a business growth and marketing consultant and most importantly I’m a Non Smoker!  This is an updated testimonial for those who may be wondering if The Stop Clinics treatment …

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Nancy Avrett improved her diabetic condition with amazing results by changing her foods.

In 1994, I was diagnosed with diabetes and have been on the insulin pump since 2008. My energy was low, I was often irritable and sometimes clammy and shaky. I used to give myself extra …

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Chris McMichael of Elizabethtown, NC is grateful to be a non-smoker!

Hi Leslie, I have been meaning to send you a message for some time to thank you again for helping me stop smoking. It has been almost 2 years and …

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Brian and Judie Maderos of The Villages in Florida was addicted to smoking for 45 years.

My wife, Judie, was addicted too, but not as badly as I. She encouraged me, as did my cousin Jo, to partake in The STOP Clinic’s Smoking Treatment Sessions. So …

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Sarah Troxler changed her diet to get rid of Heart Palpations

Today is Thanksgiving Day 2017. Saturday morning in 2017, I was visiting with a group of friends talking about past experiences that defied explanation! Steve shared, “Many years ago, I visited …

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Nick Verses came from Boerve, Texas to stop smoking.

Hi Leslie, Just a quick note to wish u all the best in 2012… it’s been 5 yrs since I quit smoking thanks to you and I’ve never felt better… …

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Diane Barry suffered from Hypoglycemia, was diagnosed as a pre-diabetic and was often bed ridden.

Six months ago, I was pre-diabetic. For the past 30 years, I felt I was slowly “decaying” and seeking help from doctors to figure out what was wrong with me. Ten …

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Bob Mullner  suffered most of his adult life as a smoker, from depression and anxiety.

I came to the S.T.O.P. Clinic to give up smoking. Little did I know that I was embarking on a journey that would change my life. For my entire adult life, …

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Kem Arthur of Kernersville, NC stopped smoking after trying for 12 years !

I visited Leslie in January of 2011 after hearing about her STOP Clinic from a male coworker, David Largen, who stopped smoking with her help. It seemed like such an easy …

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Kaye Duncan of Roxboro, North Carolina was a former smoker who suffered with pain from chemo-induced peripheral neuropathy.

April 9, 2012: I came to see Leslie Lyon at The STOP Clinic to stop smoking and never picked up another cigarette, after my 40 year habit ! April 5, 2013: I …

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Patricia Tatem changed her diet to get rid of “Restless Leg Syndrome.”

For more than a year, I had legs that ached at night that never hurt during the day. Some people refer to this as “Restless Leg Syndrome.” Most nights, I was awakened by …

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Doreen Hook of Creedmoor, NC was addicted to Cigarettes for 44 years.

I have smoked 44 years and never thought I could do it and have tried many times to stop. This program gave me the strength to stay focused and gave me coping skills and ideas of …

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Justin Verlinger of Fayetteville stopped smoking and refers many friends!

I have not had a cigarette in about 5 years now, my very last one was in the parking lot of The STOP Clinic. I was skeptical, unhappy about the cost of cigarettes, …

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Melinda Brisson of Dublin, NC stopped smoking for her 8 year old son.

In 2005, my 8 year old son came to me sobbing “Mama, please stop smoking.  Don’t you want to be here to see your grandchildren?”  He had never said anything …

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Glen Gullie of Raleigh, North Carolina was a former smoker with multiple health problems for 45 years.

Prior to meeting Leslie Lyon at The STOP Clinic, I was having a horrible problem with circulation and breathing. One of the first things she said to me was, “You have a little …

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Betty Brown of Kinston, NC stopped smoking after having COPD for 9 years.

Betty stopped smoking July, 2015 and is still smoke-free. Notes from July, 2015: Even though I love the feeling and relaxation of a shower, I used to dread getting into the …

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Jennifer Oakley, of Raleigh, NC began smoking as a teenager.

I started smoking when I was a junior in college.  At the beginning I wouldn’t buy my own pack … I just bummed from whoever was smoking around me.  Bumming …

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Minc Williams-Bumgarner smoked Cigarettes for 38 years.

I smoked a pack of cigarettes for 38 years straight and tried everything to quit but when I would quit in the past, I would miss smoking so much that …

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Jack Huestess of Bladenboro, NC was addicted to Cigarettes, Mt. Dews and BC Powders!

For 40 years, I had a habit of drinking 5 or 6 Mt. Dews, 5 or 6 BC powders (because of back pain) and a pack of cigarettes every day! …

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Sylvia Bird was addicted to Cigarettes for over 40 years and suffered from severe, debilitating back pain.

I came to The STOP Clinic to stop smoking and got more than I paid for! I was waiting to share this information with you… just in case… I was probably …

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Rhonda Heard from Raeford, NC smoked for 20+ years.

I find it hard to know where to begin in this testimonial.  This program has given me so much to be thankful for. I smoked for 20+ years. Being a strong-willed …

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Gary and Sandy Cooper of Kenly, NC stopped smoking 15 years ago and had digestive issues, respectively.

Fifteen years ago (1999), I came to The STOP Clinic to stop smoking after trying everything there was possible for ten years! This program provided everything I needed to help …

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Joe Hannon, of Goldston, NC was addicted to Cigarettes for more than 45 years.

One day while playing poker on a computer website, a lady mentioned that she stopped smoking with a laser treatment. The next day I began searching and The STOP Clinic came …

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Etienne Wolmarans of South Africa stopped smoking easily.

I quit smoking a few times before and found it very difficult each time. Even though I thought this program would make it easier, I was truly amazed by HOW easy …

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Harold Yon of Raleigh, NC, addicted to Kool Filter Kings.

It was almost seven years ago that I had my last “KOOL FILTER KING” after seeing Leslie Lyon at The STOP Clinic. I went from over two packs a day to zero after my first …

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Cae Emerson of Wilmington, NC stopped smoking almost 30 years ago!

Dear Leslie, Hardly a day has passed in the last 26 years that I haven’t thought of you, and thanked God for bringing you into my life. If you can …

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Billy Morency of Raleigh, NC is excited about his smoking cessation!

Leslie’s program helped me quit smoking in the late 1990’s… a daunting task, but was easy to do with Leslie’s help. I recommend this service to everyone I know that …

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Bruce Grant of Kernersville, NC suffered from Polycythemia vera, nicotine addiction and endured Therapeutic Phlebotomy Treatments.

I am a 44 year-old male and had smoked a pack of cigarettes a day since I was 19 years old. Like most people, I took my health for granted. …

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Diana Galore from Cancun, Mexico tried to stop smoking several times, without success prior to her visits at The STOP Clinic.

Hola! Soy Diana Galore, Mexicana. Fumadora (ahora ex fumadora) de hace 15 años. Hace tiempo ya la idea de dejar de fumar rondaba ya por mi cabeza, cada vez con …

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Joseph Gooden and wife, Tiffany stopped smoking and are running marathons!

My wife and I went to the smoking clinic almost a month ago (2012) and WOW never knew how life would be so good. I left there as a changed …

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Jon Hannam of Rockville, MD, a Kidney Transplant Patient and Ex-Smoker of 55 years!

I found out that I had kidney failure on Feb 25, 2011. Was in the hospital for a week. As soon as I got out I started dialysis. Three times a week …

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David Largen of Kernersville, NC smoked 3 1/2 packs a day!

I had been smoking since I was sixteen, usually a pack or two a day. When my mom got sick in 2004, I found myself smoking three and a half …

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Tony Avrette of Fayetteville, NC stopped smoking after 30+ years.

I’m from Fayetteville, NC and like others have smoked for 30 plus years. I also am obese with high blood pressure. I have tried to quit smoking by going “cold …

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Nancy Neighbors was a “die hard” smoker for 48 years with chronic pain.

After smoking for 48 years, I found The STOP Clinic. I was having sharp shoulder pain and sciatic pain in my back and leg. For the previous 2 years, I had chiropractic help …

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Dee Nott from Hope Mills, NC stopped smoking after 20 years!

My name is Dee Nott, own my own internet marketing business in Hope Mills, North Carolina. I was a closet smoker for almost 20 years getting up to smoking a pack a …

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Lynn H. is happy in Raleigh, with her new numbers after going through our weight loss program.

Leslie, I just got my blood work results back! I am surprised how quickly my numbers changed! Amazing results in less than 2 months. Cholesterol: 209 to 160 HDL: 50 to …

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Steve Haas from Dickerson, Maryland stops smoking in January of 2010.

Hi Leslie- Just a quick note to let you know as of midnight tonight I will have been without a cigarette for 4 months. I obviously feel better and consider …

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Tim Timberlake was addicted to cigarettes for 44 years.

Hey Leslie, Just wanted folks to know that I started smoking cigarettes on a regular basis at the age of 11. When I was in my mid-fifties, I had an appointment …

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Janet Bosselman chooses a “gradual weight-loss” strategy and drops 65 pounds!

As of today 11/11/07, I have lost 65 lbs. and am still in the process of losing more. I had lost 2 members of my family to cancer 2 years ago, …

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