Six months ago, I was pre-diabetic.

For the past 30 years, I felt I was slowly “decaying” and seeking help from doctors to figure out what was wrong with me. Ten years ago, I found an MD who diagnosed my problem and prescribed the right medications which allowed me to function and live a relatively “normal life,” yet I still felt tired all the time and my energy would leave! Sometimes I would feel weak, light headed, nauseous, anxious, sweat and have to sit or lie down.

After working with Leslie, my energy improved in 2-3 days. Each week, I was stronger and could sustain my energy for longer periods of time. My hypoglycemia totally stabilizedAfter 5 weeks, I was playing golf and tennis again and doing water aerobics!

Last week (less than 2 months into my new eating style), I was curious and decided to have blood work done. Today, I was shocked to discover that my cholesterol has already dropped from 201 to 146. My fasting blood sugar was 101 (prior to my work at The STOP Clinic) and now my fasting blood sugar level is 86. I have already lost 20 pounds and am continuing to lose and feel wonderful about my life. I feel I have a “new lease on life” and it is good to have my life back again. This new way of eating is a way for me to maintain my health and sustain my quality of life.

Amazing results in less than 2 months:

  • Cholesterol: 201 to 146
  • Fasting Blood sugar: 101 to 86
  • Weight Decrease: 20+ pounds

Diane Barry
Raleigh, NC