Love Languages – Building Relationships

Learning and honoring another’s Love Language is the key to building fulfilling and loving relationships.

I’ve heard, “There is no Guidebook for raising children” … which is true, because we are all different. However, I do believe, “Raising children becomes easier when our relationships are stronger.

Strong relationships are built on our understanding of each other. When two people share the same language, the relationship is automatically easier. Every person has at least two Love Languages (LL).

If we do not share the same languages or have “opposing” languages, we must learn to understand the other’s language and honor it. When we accomplish this task, the recipient feels loved, respected and honored.

My two main love languages are Quality Time and Acts of Service … meaning: My way of showing my love is sharing my time and doing activities with others. (This is demonstrated in my life’s work and passionate profession as well as in my sports!)

With regard to children, identifying their love language is easy. If you listen (another sign of respect) to them, they will tell you their language !

I have 2 wonderful and grand children … Katie and Will.

I feel Katie’s LL’s are Gifts and Words of Affirmation. She loves making things and performing. She feels great pride and love when you accept her heart felt performances and gifts with appreciation. She has a warm and loving heart and shows compassion for everyone and all forms of life !

When we are alone, she tells me secrets and shares her perception of her little world. I enjoy going to the movies and sailing with her. We have lots of time to share our thoughts, stories and feelings.

Will is a “doer” and he wants you to engage and “do” it with him ! His primary language is Quality Time. Although, he says going to the movies is boring, he will oblige and curl up in your lap for a nap. Perhaps, his second LL is Physical Touch? He does love the feeling of closeness. He would rather do an activity with you than for you to watch him do an activity. 

I don’t know if the language changes over the years, but I seriously doubt that it does. I feel our LL may be our core value and way of “navigating” the World … that “going with gut” instinctual feeling.

Your love language is your natural, effortless, ingrained way of both showing your love and feeling love from other people.

Learning, respecting and honoring another’s LL is the key to building loving and fulfilling / “full feeling relationships.

So, I am thanking you for the Quality Time you and your Family shares with me.I feel loved.

Leslie Lyon