Favorite Recipes

Superfood Smoothie with Greens This Superfood Smoothie with greens allows me to maximize the number of “raw” servings I consume per day. The “aliveness” of the food gives me energy! Add Green Veggies to fill half the blender (my Ninja is very large): (examples) Spinach Romaine Lettuce Swiss Chard Kale Blend green ingredients with 1 to …

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Make Kombucha Tea Scoby at Home

Kombucha tea can be quite delicious, really good for you, and strangely addictive!  Fermented foods are great for healing the gut flora.  Consuming fermented foods is a great way to practice prevention. The taste of Kombucha tea can range from fermented apple cider to a vinegary carbonated water.  You can control the taste of your Kombucha …

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Superfood Smoothie

Our Superfood Smoothie Drink is very popular with many of our clients. The simple recipe allows me to maximize the number of raw food servings I eat per day. This powerful drink builds the immune system, strengthens the blood and gives you more energy.  Superfood Smoothie Add Fruit to fill  1/2  the blender (My Favorites): …

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