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Make Kombucha Tea Scoby at Home

Kombucha tea can be quite delicious, really good for you, and strangely addictive!  Fermented foods are great for healing the gut flora.  Consuming fermented foods is a great way to practice prevention. The taste of Kombucha tea can range from fermented apple cider to a vinegary carbonated water.  You can control

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COPD – Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease

Betty Brown of Kinston, NC stopped smoking after having COPD for 9 years. Even though I love the feeling and relaxation of a shower, I used to dread getting into the shower. I hung my oxygen mask close by on the towel rod so I could put it on quickly.

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Restless Leg Syndrome Disappears

Restless Leg Syndrome disappears with the help of electricity, magnets and a detox diet. For more than a year, I had legs that ached at night that never hurt during the day.  Some people refer to this as “Restless Leg Syndrome”.  Most nights, I was awakened by the severe pain

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