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This treatment program made it easier to stop.

What Type of Smoker are YOU?

The following types of smokers may do well in a group setting in our stop smoking program:

Motivated Smokers
Procrastinating Smokers
Habitual Smokers
“Social” Smokers
“Dieting” Smokers
Bored Smokers
Glamorous Smokers
Escape Smokers

The following types of smokers may benefit from a private stop smoking program:

Emotional Smokers
Hard Core
Mental Smokers
Smokers with Multiple Health Problems
Overweight Smokers
Chronic Pain Smokers
Rebellious or Denial Smokers
Private Smokers

Do any of these describe your smoking type?

Motivated Smoker:
– It is simply time to stop smoking. I know this is hurting me and I want to take the control back. I am eating better, exercising, and have already reduced my smoking. I just need some help to get past those worst days of nicotine withdrawal.
Procrastinating Smoker:
– My Grandfather smoked cigarettes until he was 90 years old and cigarettes didn’t kill him ! I can’t breathe too well, exercise, climb stairs or play tennis like I used to, but I’m not as bad as some people I see that are my age. I’ll quit if it ever starts to become a real problem.
Habitual Smoker:
– Smoking out of habit, I often pick up a cigarette without even thinking about it: while driving, after dinner, before bed, first thing in the morning. I don’t know if I am addicted; it’s just a “part” of me but I can’t seem to reduce the amount I am smoking.
“Social” Smoker:
– I started smoking once or twice a week, then once or twice a day and now it is increasing, steadily. I think I could put them down if I could go one or two weeks without smoking, but I am thinking about them more often, now.
“Closet” Smoker:
– No one knows that I smoke cigarettes … not even my medical doctor or my insurance company. I’m tired of it and know that I may probably “miss the game of deception”.
“Dieting” Smoker:
– I started smoking cigarettes when I was in college to lose weight. Now that I am older, I am afraid to stop smoking because I don’t want to gain weight. I often skip either breakfast, lunch or sometimes both. Now I am tired all the time; my original plan is not working anymore.
Bored Smoker:
– My life is so boring, all I do at night is watch TV, play video games, eat and smoke. Sometimes, if I am between projects at work, I just smoke to pass the time.
Glamorous smoker:
– I only smoke when I go out with my friends and have a few beers. Smoking looks cool, I enjoy it and all of my friends are doing it; however, I seem to be increasing the amount and times I am smoking.
Escape Smoker:
– At work, smoking gives me an excuse to take a break. At home, when my family annoys me, smoking gives me an excuse to be away from them … a way to claim my space and time.
Emotional Smoker:
– Smoking makes me feel better. Sometimes, I feel it is my only friend … it is always there for me when I need it and I need it a lot. If I stopped using it, how would I deal with the negative thoughts, feelings and pain inside of my head?
Hard Core, Addicted Smoker:
– I’ve been smoking for over 40 years and I’ve tried everything to stop! I feel like the cigarette is one of my appendages … my best friend … and I can’t give it up. I need a program that offers support and helps me understand why I am so hooked.
Mental Smoker:
– Smoking helps me focus and stay on task. When I stop smoking, I feel fuzzy headed, dizzy and disoriented. Smoking is an important part of my life and I am not sure I want to give it up.
Smoker with Multiple Health Problems:
– I have high blood pressure, high cholesterol, no energy, depressed, anxious, can’t sleep and feel like my health is spiraling downward. I need some help …  Other than smoking, I don’t even know what I am doing wrong.
Overweight Smoker:
– I smoke too much and my weight is out of control. I am worried about contracting diabetes or a heart related illness. I stopped smoking once and started to gain weight. So, I started smoking again, but the weight did not go away! I need help to get back on track and learn how to eat in a way to bring all of my numbers back in line.
Chronic Pain Smoker:
– I hurt all the time. Smoking takes my mind off the pain and I think it helps me feel better. How could I deal with the pain if I did not smoke?
Rebellious or Denial Smoker:
– Smoking is the only area of my life that I have total control over … and so far, smoking is not hurting my health.  IF it ever starts to hurt me, I will stop …
Private Smoker:
– My smoking is a very personal pastime for me … I don’t like people that much and I definitely don’t like being in a group situation.

Why do people gain weight?

When a person stops the drug nicotine, the body becomes so relaxed that the metabolism slows down. At this point, if the person has poor eating patterns or habits, this is the formula for rapid weight gain to the “tune” of 20, 30, 50+ pounds !

Avoid Weight Gain Easily

During our smoking cessation program, we teach methods to prevent weight gain. Often clients lose 1 to 6 pounds during their first week of smoking cessation (if they are already overweight).

For the past 20 years, our program has specialized in helping people stop smoking (as well as other drugs) and lose weight at the same time. When you call, I will ask you some questions and decide how fast I think we can help you drop those unwanted pounds. If I feel we can help you, I will commit to you and we can get started right away.

Some clients, who are already morbidly obese, combine our smoking cessation and weight loss programs. The most weight-loss witnessed is 28 pounds in one month and 51 pounds in 2 months. This is based on our formula for rapid drug detox.

Our theory is: If you detox the body rapidly and start feeling better right away, you are immediately rewarded with more energy and are more likely to adopt a healthy pattern of eating as a lifestyle change.

How do I register?

Call our office.  After talking to you, we will determine if we can help you and commit to helping you reach your health goals.  If we feel we cannot help you, we will tell you that and possibly refer you to someone else.

Once we commit to work with you and your registration is complete, we send confirmation forms and tools to begin your smoking cessation transition.

If you are an overweight smoker (of  10 – 20 pounds or more) or have a fear of being overweight, you may want to do a combination smoking and weight-loss program. Call to discuss this option.

Our treatment blocks the cravings from the drugs you are deleting.  Your body “feels 10 days into the future”relaxed and pain free.

Once the toxins begin leaving, your body begins healing itself with its own natural defense mechanisms. We will suggest ways to heal and detox faster than “standard” available methods.

What Should You Expect?

Any addiction is at least 50 percent mental and 50 percent physical. The first visit consists of a counseling session and the ear stimulation treatment to eliminate the cravings and withdrawal pains.

Prior to your first visit, we send tools to prepare you for the mental part of your addiction and help you begin the detox process. We will take care of the physical part of the addiction with the treatment.

A few days later, we like to see you again and repeat the process for reinforcement to make sure you are 100% successful . Once you have completed our program, you may come back any time in the future for “tune-ups”, and ongoing support.

During the treatment, you may feel a warm or tingly feeling followed by a sense of deep relaxation. The drug cravings vanish and you feel a sense of relief. Some people report the treatment made them feel as though they had never smoked.

We combine stress and weight management techniques in our counseling sessions. Many patients have followed our suggestions for eating and lost as many as 1 to 6 pounds during their first week. Our goal for you is long term success while feeling the best that you possibly can.

The STOP Clinic uses a natural and common sense method of treatment to help the body begin a natural detoxification process. With our program, you do not have to worry about feeling drugged, headaches, insomnia or weight gain !

Our program helps you feel calmer in just a few minutes and more alive in just a few days. It takes 21 days to make or break a habit. We will be there to assure your success. We can make your healing experience an easier one. We look forward to seeing you soon.



(of an addicted, “die hard” smoker with chronic pain:)

“After smoking for 48 years, I found The STOP Clinic.   

I was having sharp shoulder pain and sciatic pain in my back and leg. For the previous 2 years, I had chiropractic help on a weekly basis. I hurt so bad, I could not lay on my back.

Since I was a “die hard” and addicted smoker, I chose the combination, private program of 5 visits rather than the group sessions. I knew I needed some serious help.

When I signed up, I did not realize the treatments would help with my chronic pain. Leslie mentioned that my pain might go away, but she did not promise.

During the treatments, I could feel the pain leaving my body.

Every night before bed, I would worry and wonder when the sharp pain would wake me up. Each morning, I woke up and thought, “When is it going to start hurting again?” The pain never came back.

After my second treatment the pain was completely gone and I felt like I could “run a marathon”.

I had no nicotine cravings after the first time I left your office. This “blows me away”. There may be a thought … but there was NO craving.

I feel this was a miracle that I found you. I feel as though I have never smoked and I can’t believe my chronic pain is gone. I am glad my friends are coming in to work with you, too.”

Nancy Neighbors
Garner, NC
August, 2011